Version 1.23 Patch Notes


Staff member
- Develop now creates a hole if the tile you clicked on WASN'T a mountain.
- New ability: BRIBE. Pay $100m to convert a unit to your side for the mission.
- New ability: PREDATORY LOAN (new version). Give a unit +1 AP, +1attack and -1 Defense for 2 turns.
- Bill Milton now has 4AP up from 3AP.

- Rest now heals you only up to 6 (was 7). A bit of an experiment, we'll see how it goes, but I worry that 7 is a little bit too state-destroying.
- AI controlled dragons weren't using their abilities. Now they will be! Watch out!
- AI controlled Royal Guard will sometimes use his Bump ability.
- Dragon Fire Breath Damage 5=>4
- Dragon Fire Breath GP cost 0=>2
- Desert is now *actually* fixed and will appear in campaigns - for real this time.
- Made some changes to difficulty curve in the various Campaign skill modes.
- Tabbing through units will now SKIP units that are frozen or stunned.
- Floe no longer creates WET terrain when it is removed. This was causing too many weird side effects and it's probably just too much to keep track of, a "more trouble than it's worth" sort of rule.
- You now gain gold passively for each chest you open.
- Chill Step is now 1GP
- Fixed some issues with Ice Cube display.