0.9 Patch Notes!


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0.9 patch notes

- Wisps' range reduced by 1
- Wisps' magic resist nerfed
- No more unlocks (for now). All content is unlocked.
- Cards system disabled (for now). We just don't have the budget/resources to give this system the love it needs. Also, it's sort of vestigial from when ETO was going to be a Free to Play game anyway
- Minions should no longer bunch up at the ends of the lanes
- A bunch of new sounds added to the game
- Removed lane-end chests from the ends of the side lanes
- Several improvements to win/loss screens
- When you sell items the shop actually updates which ones you can afford now
- NEW CHARACTER: Lemon, added to the game. She currently has no animations/sound but otherwise is totally functional.
- Miscellaneous bug fixes